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Goruden Suramba

Golden Slumber

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A momentous assassination occurs during a procession through the streets of the Japanese city of Sendai. The target is the newly-elected prime minister; for the first time in many years an opposition candidate has emerged election victor. But now a remote-controlled toy helicopter approaches the autocade. It contains a bomb that explodes next to its target and the politician is killed.
At around the same time a courier named Aoyaga meets his old friend Morita. Her behaviour is strange to say the least. She suddenly starts talking about the assassination and warns him: “They’re going to pin the Prime Minister’s murder onto you. Run! You are to this case what Oswald was in Kennedy’s assassination.” No sooner does she utter these words than the balloon goes up, the police appear and aim their guns at Aoyagi. But Aoyagi manages to escape to a safe place.
Shortly afterwards, witnesses come forward claiming to have seen Aoyagi near the scene of the crime. A television station also broadcasts images of him in a toy shop. But Aoyagi can’t remember a thing. A fugitive left to cope on his own he hopes to find help from his small circle of friends, including his ex-girlfriend Haruko and Kazu, a student. But soon chief inspector Sasaki is so hot on his heels that Aoyagi comes close to giving himself up …

Japan 2009, 139 min


Yoshihiro Nakamura


Masato Sakai
Yuko Takeuchi
Hidetaka Yoshioka
Gekidan Hitori
Nao Omori
Sango Kitamura

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