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Shai Eines (Producer)

Yoav Paz (Director)

Doron Paz (Director)

Ofer Shechter (Actor)

Efrat Baumwald (Actress)

Efrat Dor (Actress)

Andreas Struck (Moderation)

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A film about urban escapism by first-time directors and brothers Yoav and Doron Paz. The film’s focus is Wainblum, a young man who, following a very public collapse, decides to turn his back on what he believes to be the chaos of life in the metropolis and withdraw instead into his apartment. All he needs to live is delivered to his door; television provides entertainment; food is ordered by phone and sex can be found on the internet.
And then, after four undisturbed years, two visitors intrude on his glorious seclusion. The first visitor is Grumps, an estate agent who has been ordered to oust Wainblum from his refuge by the landlord who wants to sell the apartment. Grumps is a tough Holocaust survivor who goes about his task with an iron will. Cheeky Daniela, on the other hand, is in market research. She thinks that Wainblum owns the apartment – and the two are soon embroiled in a passionate affair.
Wainblum has no intention of allowing either one to coax him out of his cocoon. His extreme agoraphobia and his reluctance to expose himself to the challenges of the outside world are as strong as his determination to stick it out in the apartment. He’s prepared to put up a fight – if necessary, to the bitter end.

Israel 2009, 86 min


Doron Paz, Yoav Paz


Ofer Shechter
Efrat Baumwald
Shlomo Bar Shavit
Efrat Dor

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