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Itty Bitty Titty Committee

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Anna is an average American teenager who is perhaps a little more insecure and a little less political than average. Dumped by her girlfriend and rejected by the college to which she has recently applied, Anna bemoans her fate: she really is a poor soul in an A-cup in a world where C-cups reign. On her way home from work she runs into Sadie. Not only is Sadie sexy, she is also the leader of a radical group of feminist punks, the "Clits in Action" - or CIA for short. Sadie introduces Anna to a completely unknown world. Nevertheless, Anna feels completely in her element during her first secret commando operation - not least on account of some heavy flirting on Sadie's part. But then things start to go pear-shaped. The CIA is obliged to admit that all of their efforts are fruitless. Thoroughly disillusioned, the members of the group disband. A tricky situation, in which everything would appear to depend upon Anna: will she resurrect her old friendships and come up with a brilliant idea that will provide the CIA with fresh impetus? Perhaps this question is best answered by New York critic B. Ruby Rich: "For anyone in despair over the state of the world or the movies, this posse of revolting dykes deliver a megadose of hope."

USA 2007, 87 min


Jamie Babbit


Nicole Vicius
Melonie Diaz
Melanie Mayron
Guinevere Turner
Carly Pope

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