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Fyra Veckor i Juni

Four Weeks in June

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Four midsummer weeks. Ensconced in their dilapidated high-rise, Sandra and Lilly are the only ones who have not left their apartments to escape the construction work. Building workers are noisily renovating outside, whilst inside, a young woman and an old lady sit at home, apparently oblivious to both the summer and the chaotic hammering and drilling. And yet, the reasons these two women have for taking refuge behind their own four walls are not so very different. Sandra may be broken-hearted, but Lilly’s whole life has been one big drama. Both women were disappointed by the men they once loved. A friendship ensues between the young girl and the old woman and, gradually, both begin to enjoy life again. Although Sandra doesn’t want to have anything to do with the opposite sex at the moment, she can’t deny that the carpenter who has started working outside her window has begun to arouse her interest.
Henry Meyer: “It started with a story my mother once told me. She knew a young Jewess who fled to Sweden during World War II. This young girl fell in love with a Swedish officer whose family were not prepared to accept her Jewish origins. I found this story very moving and it made me reflect a great deal on the dynamics of relationships and what people have to endure when their love doesn’t fulfil their dreams.”

Sweden 2005, 116 min


Henry Meyer


Tuva Novotny
Ghita Nørby
Lukasz Garlicki
Jessica Zandén
Sissela Kyle

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Sonet Film AB