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Om jag vänder mig om



Björn Runge (Director)
Pernilla August (Actress)
Jakob Eklund (Actress)
Clas Gunnarsson (Actor)
Host: Stephen Locke

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Three episodes, full of grotesque details and loosely interwoven at the end of the film, recounting tales of lies, self-deception and other human frailties.
Agnes and Rickard are planning to move to another town. One evening, they invite their best friends round for a farewell meal. By the next morning, things have come to light that rock the couple’s relationship to the core.
Anders is a bricklayer by trade. He works day and night to earn money for the things he believes his family needs. One evening an elderly married couple offer him an illegal job for cash in hand that he just can’t turn down.
Anita hasn’t seen her ex-husband for three years. At the time, he married a woman 25 years his junior. Suddenly, an opportunity arises for Anita to pay a visit to her ex in order to obtain some answers to a few rather important questions.

Sweden 2003, 108 min


Björn Runge


Pernilla August
Jakob Eklund

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