Al motociclista no le cabe la felicidad en el traje

Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit Into His Suit
There he sits proudly on his motorbike, encompassed in majestic red and the dazzling admiration of the others. Round and round he goes, becoming more and more beautiful and exalted. For only he can explore the jungle. And no, he won’t hand over his motorbike, not even on loan. A playful re-enactment with reversed roles that takes aim at the hubris of the colonial conquerors.
by Gabriel Herrera
with David Illiescas, Ángel Morales, Lisandro Robles, Ulises Robles, Estefanía Guerrero, Joel Ramirez
Mexico 2021 Spanish 10’ Colour

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


  • David Illiescas (Motorcyclist)
  • Ángel Morales (His Brother)
  • Lisandro Robles (Boy 1)
  • Ulises Robles (Boy 2)
  • Estefanía Guerrero (Girl)
  • Joel Ramirez (Boy 3)


DirectorGabriel Herrera
ScreenplayGabriel Herrera, Stefanie Reinhard
CinematographyStefanie Reinhard
EditingGabriel Herrera
Sound DesignGabriel Herrera
Sound EditingNaybi Suyua, Rodrigo Navarro, Pablo Herrera
Sound MixingRicardo Arteaga
SoundAlajandra Hernández
Production DesignLuis Castañeda
ProducersSusana Bernal
Co-ProducerArtemio Narro
Co-ProductionParrafilm, Berlin
In Cooperation withGoethe-Institut Mexico, Mexiko-Stadt

Produced by

Black María Producciones

Gabriel Herrera

The filmmaker and video artist was born in Mexico. He studied film at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Cinematográficas in Mexico City and at the Polish National Film School in Łódź. He has made several short films and video works. He currently lives in Mexico where he is taking a doctorate in film theory while teaching film and making social documentaries. He is also developing his debut feature film.


2008 First Movement For 20 Men In an Empty Room; short film 2009 Word Puzzle For an Empty House 2013 Holes 2016 How to Reach God Through Proper Exercising; short film 2017 A Boat 2021 Al motociclista no le cabe la felicidad en el traje (Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit Into His Suit); short film

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