Young slacker Willi makes his way in Hamburg as a petty criminal and hustler. He finds temporary refuge with a committed journalist, a wealthy homosexual, and finally, a seedy hoodlum. He feels exploited by all of them. The only person who seems to sincerely like him is sex worker Monika. To try to escape the misery with her and her young son, Willi gets involved in the armed robbery of a supermarket cash transport… Supermarket is an action film wrapped around a social drama, that finally becomes a melodrama. Shot almost entirely on street locations, it tells the story of the increasingly aggressive attempts by a street hustler to find a little bit of security. The harsh red-light and port district of St. Pauli here becomes a grubby, neon-lit, garish asphalt jungle, with the urban cowboy trying in vain to escape its dreariness after a desperate and bumbling attempted coup. Roland Klick said, “Only the film’s music espouses his cause, his yearning for great and beautiful things.”
by Roland Klick
with Charly Wierzejewski, Eva Mattes, Michael Degen, Walter Kohut, Hans-Michael Rehberg
Federal Republic of Germany 1974 German, Subtitles: English 80' Colour Rating R16


  • Charly Wierzejewski
  • Eva Mattes
  • Michael Degen
  • Walter Kohut
  • Hans-Michael Rehberg
  • Eva Schuckardt
  • Witta Pohl
  • Alfred Edel


DirectorRoland Klick
ScreenplayRoland Klick
Co-Written byJane Sperr (= Seitz), Georg Althammer
CinematographyJost Vacano
EditingJane Sperr (= Seitz)
MusicPeter Hesslein, Marius West (= Müller-Westernhagen), Udo Lindenberg
SoundHans-Christian Dalchow, Werner Gieseler, Thomas Kukuck, Gérard Rueff
Art DirectorGeorg von Kieseritzky
ProducerRoland Klick

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DCP: Filmgalerie 451


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