In an old building scheduled for demolition, a mixed group of people dedicates itself to boredom and idleness. The most mentally agile among them conjures the character of an amateur detective, who ends up in the house while investigating crime. Unlike the Minotaur whence Max Taurus gets his name, he gets lost in the labyrinth the old building presents, with its strange and, to him, hostile residents. In an atmosphere of repressed love and violence, he senses a future crime… Macumba evokes a world of imagery that draws from penny dreadfuls and crime thrillers. The film increasingly takes on the structure of a (bad) dream. Context dissolves; accompanied by exotic sounds, trance and magic fill the air. Under threat of the wrecking ball and nuclear war, a lethargy takes hold, in which the men indulge in violent ritual, while the women see a possible way out. “We imagined a love that stopped being just hope”. And, indeed, Elfi Mikesch dedicated her group study, developed with the actors, “to love”.
by Elfi Mikesch
with Magdalena Montezuma, Bernd Broaderup, Heinz Emigholz, Fritz Mikesch, Carola Regnier
Federal Republic of Germany 1982 German, Subtitles: English 88' Colour & Black/White Rating R18


  • Magdalena Montezuma
  • Bernd Broaderup
  • Heinz Emigholz
  • Fritz Mikesch
  • Carola Regnier
  • Frank Ripploh
  • Edith Lechtape


DirectorElfi Mikesch
ScreenplayElfi Mikesch
CinematographyElfi Mikesch
EditingHeide Breitel
MusicEd Lieber, Christian Geerdes, Ursula Weck, Fritz Mikesch
SoundAnke-Rixa Hansen
Art DirectorsFritz Mikesch, Edith Lechtape
ProducersLaurens Straub, Elfi Mikesch

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DCP: Deutsche Kinemathek


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