Deda-Shvili an rame ar aris arasodes bolomde bneli

Mother and Daughter, or the Night Is Never Complete
Is life about meeting or separating? Georgian director Lana Gogoberidze asks this question at the start of the film, as photos appear: almost like a miniature film, she is seen as a child being embraced by her mother Nutsa. In Gogoberidze’s family of intellectuals and artists, filmmaking follows a matrilinear logic across three generations. Nutsa Gogoberidze was Georgia’s first woman director, before being separated from her family for ten years as a gulag prisoner, and entirely cut off from her censured oeuvre for the rest of her life. Together with her daughter Salome Alexi, Lana Gogoberidze sets out to bring together the pieces of Nutsa’s life. They find her lost works Buba (1930) and Uzhmuri (1934). Lana on the set of her previous films, surrounded by her film crew family: filmmaking as a collective practice of care and tenderness. Her film is at once autobiography, declaration of love and grieving process – Lana’s legacy, which also contains that of her mother, who inspired her to create strong, free women characters who defy dark times. The Gogoberidze dynasty countered the abyss with poetry, dance and cinema – lives divided, but shared.
by Lana Gogoberidze Georgia / France 2023 Georgian 89' Colour & Black/White International premiere | Documentary form


DirectorLana Gogoberidze, co-director: Salome Alexi
ScreenplayLana Gogoberidze
CinematographyJean-Louis Padis
EditingLana Gogoberidze, Helene Murjikneli
MusicReso Kiknadze
Sound DesignIrakli Ivanishvili
NarratorLana Gogoberidze
Production DesignSimon Machabeli
ProducerSalome Alexi
Co-ProducerJean-Louis Padis
Co-ProductionManuel Cam, Asnières-sur-Seine

Produced by

3003 FimProduction

Tbilisi, Georgia

Lana Gogoberidze

Born in Tbilisi in 1928. Completed her directorial studies at the Moscow State University of Cinematography in 1958. Co-founder and first president of the association Kino Women International, director of directorial studies at the Rustaveli theatre school and the Studio Kartuli Pilmi (today Georgia Film). Jury member at the 34th Berlin International Film Festival in 1984. Her film The Waltz on the Pechora (1992) won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the International Forum of New Cinema in 1993. Member of the Georgian Parliament from 1992 to 1995. Her autobiography was published in 2019.


1958 Gelati; short film 1959 Tbilisi 1500 tslisaa; short documentary 1961 Erti tsis qvesh (Under One Sky) 1965 Me vkhedav mzes (I See the Sun) 1968 Peristsvaleba (Limits) 1972 Rotsa akvavda nushi (When Almonds Blossomed) 1975 Aurzari salkhinetsi (Commotion) 1978 Ramdenime interviu pirad sakitkhebze (Some Interviews on Personal Matters) 1984 Dges game utenebia (A Day Longer Than Night) 1986 Oromtriali (Full Circle) 1992 Valsi Pechoraze (The Waltz on the Pechora) 2013 Okros dzapi (Golden Thread) 2023 Deda-Shvili an rame ar aris arasodes bolomde bneli (Mother and Daughter, or the Night Is Never Complete); documentary

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