Chile is known as South America’s blooming oasis, at once marked by neo-liberalism and high economic growth, but also by poverty, social inequality and the legacy of the Pinochet military dictatorship. In October 2019, shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic, proposed fare increases for public transport led to protests in the capital, which spread like wildfire across most of the country and grew into a varied movement for constitutional and economic reform. Over a period of three years, extending to the failure of the Constitutional Convention in 2022 and the political backlash that followed, Tamara Uribe and Felipe Morgado capture the events and their topography in sequences presented without commentary, giving the activist forces a face without siding against any of the protagonists: whether Indigenous, feminist, militant, anarchist or conservative, they find a place for everyone in this formally daring portrait of the era, which functions at the same time as a snapshot. Anyone who joins this journey through a society in the process of awakening will be rewarded with insights into democratic processes, mass protests and their socio-political dynamics.
by Tamara Uribe, Felipe Morgado Chile 2024 Spanish, Subtitles: English 80' Colour World premiere | Debut film | Documentary form


DirectorsTamara Uribe, Felipe Morgado
ScreenplayMAFI Collective
CinematographyAdolfo Mesías
EditingFelipe Morgado, Tamara Uribe, Christopher Murray, Andrea Chignoli
Sound DesignRoberto Espinoza
SoundDavid Pacheco, Juan Pablo Garretón
ProducersAlba Gaviraghi, Diego Pino Anguita
Executive ProducersAlba Gaviraghi, Diego Pino Anguita, Antonio Luco

Produced by

MAFI Collective

Santiago, Chile

Additional information

A film by MAFI Collective

Tamara Uribe

Documentary filmmaker and film programmer. Member of the MAFI Collective since 2013, she participated in the transmedia project (2013), which premiered in the IDFA DocLab, and the film Dios (2019), awarded at Visions du Réel. Uribe’s directorial debut is the documentary Oasis.


2024 Oasis

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2024

Felipe Morgado

Filmmaker, producer and educator. Member of the MAFI Collective since 2014, he has led artistic residencies throughout Chile and participated in community films. He produced the short film Fantasmagoria (2022) by Juan Francisco González, which premiered at DocLisboa. Morgando’s directorial debut is the documentary Oasis.


2024 Oasis

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2024


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