Kong fang jian li de nv ren

Some Rain Must Fall
Cai, a 45-year-old housewife, has lost track of who she is and who she wants to be. During one of her daughter’s basketball matches, she inadvertently injures an elderly woman. This seemingly trivial event is a catalyst that causes her life to spin out of control as past events resurface while she heads into an uncertain future.
Director Qiu Yang follows a series of short films with his debut feature, an intimate drama about a woman forced to confront the wreckage of her life and her longing for change.
by Qiu Yang
with Yu Aier, Di Shike, Wei Yibo, Xu Tianyi, Gu Tingxiu, Qin Dan, Xu Yun, Cao Yuqiang
People’s Republic of China / USA / France / Singapore 2024 Wu, Mandarin 98’ Colour World premiere | Debut film | Debut film


  • Yu Aier (Cai)
  • Di Shike (Lin)
  • Wei Yibo (Ding)
  • Xu Tianyi (The Boy)
  • Gu Tingxiu (Housekeeper)
  • Qin Dan (The Man)
  • Xu Yun (Teacher Feng)
  • Cao Yuqiang (Cai’s Mother-in-Law)


Director Qiu Yang
Screenplay Qiu Yang
Cinematography Constanze Schmitt
Editing Carlo Francisco Manatad, Julien Lacheray
Sound Mei Zhu, Romain Ozanne, Emmanuel Croset
Production Design Shan Yinghao
Costumes Zhang Yadi
Casting Kang Kang
Producers Jeremy Chua, Mike Goodridge, Alex C. Lo, Mélissa Malinbaum, Lin Fan, Darcy Xi Wang
Executive Producers Alex C. Lo, Yang Xiaodong, Huang Yue, Star Li, Rachel Song, Kuai Haoxiang, Ying Yan
Co-Producers Duo Lin, Shen Siliang, Bai Shan, Frank Sun, Shan Yinghao, Lauren Yue Pan, Sol Ye, Wang Yang

Qiu Yang

He was born and grew up in Changzhou, China before studying film directing at the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne in Australia. His latest short film, She Runs, won the Leitz Cine Discovery Prize at the 2019 Semaine de la Critique in Cannes while A Gentle Night was awarded the Short Film Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2017 and Under the Sun screened in the 2015 Cinéfondation competition, also at Cannes. His VR project O was selected for the Venice International Film Festival. He participated in the Cannes Festival Cinéfondation Residence and is a Berlinale Talents alumnus.


2015 Ri Guang Zhi Xia (Under the Sun); short film 2017 Xiao Cheng Er Yue (A Gentle Night); short film 2018 O 2019 Nan Fang Shao Nv (She Runs); short film 2024 Kong fang jian li de nv ren (Some Rain Must Fall)

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