Un pájaro voló

A Bird Flew
The memory of a friend who is no longer around torments Boloy’s thoughts. The key player on the Cuban volleyball team, Boloy tries to return to morning training despite the pain of the loss – because he knows that his life must go on. The film reflects the director’s experiences of losing a loved one himself.
by Leinad Pájaro De la Hoz
with Yasser Ramírez Boloy, Alejandra de Jesús Garcell, Jesús Angel Cruz López, Jose Ramón Gómez Reyes, Jakdiel Contreras Acosta
Colombia / Cuba 2024 Spanish 20' World premiere | recommendation: 14 years and up


  • Yasser Ramírez Boloy (Boloy)
  • Alejandra de Jesús Garcell (Alejandra)
  • Jesús Angel Cruz López (Coach)
  • Jose Ramón Gómez Reyes (Daniel)
  • Jakdiel Contreras Acosta (Jakdiel)
  • Brian Camino Martínez (Brian)
  • Yonny Iglesias (Yonny)
  • Viscaino Brayant (Brayant)


DirectorLeinad Pájaro De la Hoz
ScreenplayLeinad Pájaro De la Hoz, Fabian Suárez
CinematographyNicolas Ordoñez
EditingLiana Dominguez
Sound DesignMaria Garabito
SoundHarry Suárez
Production DesignAlexis Álvarez Armas
Make-UpYudit Dominguez
CastingLeinad Pájaro De la Hoz
ProducersDany Celeiro, Maria Alejandra Rodriguez, Leinad Pájaro De la Hoz
Executive ProducersDany Celeiro, Leinad Pájaro De la Hoz
Co-ProductionEstuario Cine, Barranquilla
Sonoramio, Bogotá

Produced by

Bølier Films

Barranquilla, Colombia

Dany Celeiro

Havanna, Cuba

Leinad Pájaro De la Hoz

The director, photographer, teacher and artist was born in Barranquilla, Colombia in 1988 and has a degree from the International School of Film and TV San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV). He has directed several short films which have screened at numerous international festivals. He is currently developing the feature-length documentary Voices of Neptune with his production company Bølier Films.


2017 Las Estaciones (The Seasons); short documentary 2019 Atmósferas (Atmospheres); short documentary 2022 El Hijo del Dragón (The Son of Dragon); short film 2024 Un pájaro voló (A Bird Flew); short film

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