Batalla en el cielo

Battle in Heaven
After Marcos and his wife kidnap their sister-in-law’s baby for ransom, the infant dies. While Marcos’ wife seeks repentance at Mexico City’s Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Marcos wants to go to the police and confess. Marcos works as chauffeur to a general. He is having an affair with his boss’ daughter, who secretly works as a prostitute in a luxury bordello. But even sex with her does not offer Marcos relief from his moral unease and social deprivation... With the warts-and-all physicality of its overweight (amateur) actor, acts of random violence and explicit sex scenes, Carlos Reygadas’ provocative look at masculinity in Battle in Heaven caused shock waves in 2005. Complemented by constant references to the omnipotence of strict hierarchies, the film becomes a panoramic look at a country riven by social division.
The pronounced camerawork with its long set-ups, tracking shots and pans of up to 360 degrees, as well as the hyper-realistic visuals that are reminiscent of British photojournalist Martin Parr, come back into their own in the restoration.
by Carlos Reygadas
with Marcos Hernandez, Anapola Mushkadiz, Berta Ruiz, David Bornstein, Rosalinda Ramirez, El Abuelo
Mexico / Germany / Belgium / France 2005 Spanish 98’ Colour World premiere of the digitally restored version | DCP: Coproduction Office, Berlin


  • Marcos Hernandez
  • Anapola Mushkadiz
  • Berta Ruiz
  • David Bornstein
  • Rosalinda Ramirez
  • El Abuelo


Director Carlos Reygadas
Screenplay Carlos Reygadas
Cinematography Diego Martinez Vignatti
Editing Benjamin Mirguet, Adoración G. Elipe, Nicolas Schmerkin, Carlos Reygada
Music John Tavener, Johann Sebastian Bach, Marcha Cordobesa
Sound Gilles Laurent, Sergio Diaz, Martín Hernández
Production Design Elsa Díaz Pirinoli, Daniela Schneider
Producers Carlos Reygadas, Philippe Bober, Jaime Romandia, Susanne Marian
Co-Producer Joseph Rouschop
Co-Production No Dream Cinema Mexiko
Tarantula Production Belgien
Arte France Cinéma

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DCP: Coproduction Office, Berlin