Ukraine, the Soviet Union, 1990. Like many teenagers, 17-year-old Yasha is rebelling against authority. But in his homeland, some opposing forces are more dangerous than others. Yasha gets into trouble at school for playing the wrong kind of music. The head teacher not only reprimands him for his alleged misbehaviour but also for his Jewishness. Although Yasha is used to this kind of hostility, the incident still leaves him shaken. He knows he will do great in New York where his family is definitely going to go. Feeling the time is right to start burning some bridges, Yasha distances himself from his girlfriend Lilya. But that night, he learns that his dad categorically rejects the idea of emigrating. Yasha is crushed. In addition to feeling unwelcome in his school and town, he is also stricken by a deep sense of loss. Horribly disappointed by his father who is standing in the way of his longed-for escape, Yasha sets off on a journey that will take him to the precipice of irreparable harm.
by Gleb Osatinski
with Vladyslav Baliuk, Sergey Zdoronkov, Liudmila Gnatenko, Ariana Rimkutė, Vaidotas Martinaitis
USA / Lithuania 2024 Ukrainian, Russian 30' World premiere | recommendation: 14 years and up

Content Note

Advisory note on sensitive content


  • Vladyslav Baliuk (Yasha)
  • Sergey Zdoronkov (Saul)
  • Liudmila Gnatenko (Anna)
  • Ariana Rimkutė (Vera)
  • Vaidotas Martinaitis (Ivan)
  • Alina Cheban (Lilya)
  • Vladyslav Volk (Bycha)
  • Olesia Ostrovskaja (Darya)


DirectorGleb Osatinski
ScreenplayGleb Osatinski, Elise Segal
CinematographyVytautas Katkus
EditingGleb Osatinski
MusicThomas Laford
Sound DesignGreg Smith
SoundKazimieras Čejauskas
Production DesignGreta Vileikytė
CostumesFausta Naujalė
Make-UpDaiva Mazrimienė, Justė Butkė
CastingAndrius Blaževičius, Valeria Ruban
ProducerGleb Osatinski
Executive ProducersKatharina Otto-Bernstein, J. Dixon Byrne, Nik Koblov
Co-ProducerRuta Petronyte
Co-ProductionResentment Film, New York City

Produced by

Smart Casual

Vilnius, Lithuania

www.smartcasual.lt www.smartcasual.lt

Gleb Osatinski

The director and screenwriter lives in New York City and is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Arts. A director of seven award-winning short films, he was a participant in the Lighthouse Selections at T-Port Market in 2021. He is also a recipient of the 2020 Katherina Otto-Bernstein grant at Columbia University and of a 2021 Fiscal Sponsorship at The Gotham Film & Media Institute for his film Resentment.


2011 Pisces of an Unscious Mind; short film 2014 The House at the Edge of Galaxy; short film 2016 The Quantified Self; short film 2020 Checkmate; short film · Father; short film 2022 Chuzhaki (Outsiders); short film 2024 Obraza (Resentment); short film

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