Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Rat mal, wer zum Essen kommt
When Joanne Drayton brings her fiancé home to introduce him to her parents, they are not as happy as they might be. Dr. John Prentice is a respected doctor, but he is also African-American. Prentice tells Joanne’s father that he will only marry her if both her parents agree – and do so before he leaves the next day. Father Matt Drayton, a liberal journalist, feels pressured. While his wife Christina is taken with the depth of John’s love for their child, Matt foresees the couple facing a host of problems that he would like to spare his daughter. Over the course of a day, as they prepare for the arrival of John’s parents for dinner, the Draytons discuss the pros and cons of the potential marriage … Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner made film history with the first interracial kiss on the big screen, at a time when miscegenation laws in the United States were front and centre in public discourse. The film cemented Sidney Poitier’s status in Hollywood. But the emphatic and moving final monologue delivered by Spencer Tracy provided a fitting legacy for the great Hollywood actor, who would die mere weeks after the production wrapped. World premiere of the digitally restored version.
by Stanley Kramer
with Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, Katharine Hepburn, Katharine Houghton, Cecil Kellaway, Beah Richards, Roy Glenn Sr., Isabell Sanford, Virginia Christine, Alexandra Hay
USA 1967 English 108’ Colour World premiere of the digitally restored version. | DCP: Park Circus, Glasgow Rating R6


  • Spencer Tracy
  • Sidney Poitier
  • Katharine Hepburn
  • Katharine Houghton
  • Cecil Kellaway
  • Beah Richards
  • Roy Glenn Sr.
  • Isabell Sanford
  • Virginia Christine
  • Alexandra Hay


Director Stanley Kramer
Screenplay William Rose
Cinematography Sam Leavitt
Editing Tony Friedman, Robert C. Jones
Music Frank De Vol
Sound Robert Martin, Charles J. Rice
Art Director Robert Clatworthy
Costumes Joseph King
Make-Up Joseph Di Bella, Ben Lane
Producer Stanley Kramer

Produced by

Columbia Pictures

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DCP: Park Circus, Glasgow