in water
A young actor decides to give up acting and make a short film. The small crew comprising the actor himself, the cameraman and the female lead arrive on rocky, windswept Jeju Island. In search of an idea, the young actor explores the surroundings, waits for the right light to emerge and watches the horizon from the coast. One day he catches a glimpse of a figure amid the rocks at the bottom of a cliff, and this prompts him to take the plunge and exchange a few words. Thanks to this conversation, and a love song written years earlier, he finally has a story to tell.
Hong Sangsoo returns to the Berlinale with his most intimate and poetic film in which each and every image has been carefully crafted, like an impressionist painting. The result is an aquarium in which you would love to be immersed.
by Hong Sangsoo
with Shin Seokho, Ha Seongguk, Kim Seungyun
South Korea 2023 Korean 61’ Colour World premiere


  • Shin Seokho (Seoung-mo)
  • Ha Seongguk (Sang-guk)
  • Kim Seungyun (Nam-hee)


Director Hong Sangsoo
Screenplay Hong Sangsoo
Cinematography Hong Sangsoo
Editing Hong Sangsoo
Music Hong Sangsoo
Sound Design Hong Sangsoo
Sound Kim Hyejeong
Producer Hong Sangsoo

Produced by

Jeonwonsa Film Co.

Hong Sangsoo

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1960, he studied at the city’s Chung-Ang University, at the California College of Arts and Crafts and at the Art Institute of Chicago. Since 1996, he has written and directed more than 30 feature films as well as several shorts. His work has already been invited to the Berlinale Competition seven times, most recently in 2023 with in water.

Filmography (selection)

1996 Daijiga umule pajinnal (The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well) 1998 Kangwon-do ui him (The Power of Kangwon Province) 2000 Oh soo-jung (Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors) 2002 Saenghwalui balgyeon (Turning Gate) 2004 Yeojaneun namjaui miraeda (Woman Is the Future of Man) 2005 Geuk jang jeon (A Tale of Cinema) 2006 Haebyuneui Yeoin (Woman on the Beach) 2008 Bam gua nat (Night and Day) 2009 Jal al-ji-do mot-ha-myeon-seo (Like You Know It All) 2010 Hahaha · Ok-hui-ui yeonghwa (Oki’s Movie) 2011 Book-chon-bang-hyang (The Day He Arrives) 2012 Da-reun na-ra-e-seo (In Another Country) 2013 Nugu-ui ttal-do anin haewon (Nobody’s Daughter Haewon) · U ri sunhi (Our Sunhi) 2014 Jayueui onduk (Hill of Freedom) 2015 Jigeumeun matgo geuttaeneun teullida (Right Now, Wrong Then) 2016 Dangsinjasingwa dangsinui geot (Yourself and Yours) 2017 Bamui haebyun-eoseo honja (On the Beach at Night Alone) · Keul-le-eo-ui ka-me-la (Claire’s Camera) · Geu-hu (The Day After) 2018 Pul-lp-Deul (Grass) 2019 Gang-Byun-Ho-Tel (Hotel by the River) · Domangchin yeoja (The Woman Who Ran) 2020 Inteurodeoksyeon (Introduction) 2021 Dangsin-eolgul-apeseo (In Front of Your Face) · So-seol-ga-ui yeong-hwa (The Novelist’s Film) 2022 Top (Walk Up) 2023 mul-an-e-seo (in water) · Woo-ri-ui-ha-ru (In Our Day) · Yeohaengjaui pilyo (A Traveler’s Needs)

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