Gösta Petter-land

For Nisse, Fabian, Gabbe, Simon and Valter, school is simply super boring. To escape, they make up an imaginary forest chicken world and name it: “George-Peterland”. Needless to say, it is an adult and teacher-free zone! To protect it from possible intruders, they speak their own cryptic language and strictly follow a set of rules. More and more children want to ride the purple dream bus to this enticing place, but soon their utopia is at risk.
by Christer Wahlberg
with Nils Sterner Müller, Valter Haldin Jarold, Gabriel Johnsson, Fabian Andersson, Simon Andersson
Sweden 2023 Swedish 15’ World premiere | Animation, Documentary Form recommendation: 9 years and up


  • Nils Sterner Müller (Nisse)
  • Valter Haldin Jarold (The Chicken God)
  • Gabriel Johnsson (Gabbe)
  • Fabian Andersson (Fabbe)
  • Simon Andersson (Simon)


Director Christer Wahlberg
Screenplay Sebastian Rudolph Jensen, Christer Wahlberg
Animation Christer Wahlberg
Editing Sebastian Rudolph Jensen, Christer Wahlberg
Music Christer Wahlberg
Producer Christer Wahlberg

Christer Wahlberg

The filmmaker and composer lives with his family in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Filmography (short films)

2018 My Dream Is Better Than Yours 2021 You Are Always 20 2023 Gösta Petter-land (George-Peterland)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023