El secuestro de la novia

The Kidnapping of the Bride | Die Brautentführung
For Luisa, who comes from Buenos Aires, and Fred, who is from Brandenburg, it goes without saying that they do not adhere to fixed gender roles in their partnership. This inquisitive and open-minded couple regularly calls into question all kinds of normative social rituals. However, when their parents meet at their wedding, the happy couple find themselves up against all manner of clichés and expectations – in a big way. The choice of a wedding dress and the place where they have decided to live are by no means the only points of contention. The strange tradition of “kidnapping the bride” also threatens to unbalance the equality of their partnership. This ritual involving role play and Brandenburg police officers has particularly unpleasant connotations for Argentinian bride Luisa.
Made at Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Sophia Mocorrea’s mid-length study of behavioural patterns has a roving camera that stays close to her protagonists to examine tensions between tradition, equality and intimacy.
by Sophia Mocorrea
with Rai Todoroff, David Bruning, Anne Kulbatzki, Tatiana Saphir, Patricia Pilgrim, Daniel Wendler, Andreas Rogsch, Michaela Winterstein, Niels Bormann, Jeannette Urzendowsky
Germany 2023 German, English, Spanish 30’ European premiere


  • Rai Todoroff (Luisa)
  • David Bruning (Fred)
  • Anne Kulbatzki (Annika)
  • Tatiana Saphir (Tati)
  • Patricia Pilgrim (Beatriz)
  • Daniel Wendler (Jorge)
  • Andreas Rogsch (Michael)
  • Michaela Winterstein (Hilde)
  • Niels Bormann (Policeman)
  • Jeannette Urzendowsky (Policewoman)


Director Sophia Mocorrea
Screenplay Sophia Mocorrea
Cinematography Jacob Sauermilch
Editing Jannik Eckenstaler, Sofia Angelina Machado
Music Luca de Michieli, Linus Rogsch
Sound Design Bertold Budig
Sound Jonas Albani
Production Design Mandy Peterat
Costumes Viktoria Posavec, Amelie Sabbagh
Make-Up Jill Dahm, Svenja Genzt
Assistant Directors Herta Mirea, Alba Palanca
Casting Sophia Mocorrea, Sarah Valerie Radu
Executive Producer Sarah Valerie Radu
Commissioning Editor Verena Veihl rbb, Berlin

Produced by

Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

https://www.filmuniversitaet.de https://www.filmuniversitaet.de

Sophia Mocorrea

The German-Argentinian screenwriter and director began her career by producing her own short films and working in various production companies. While studying at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, she received various national and international research fellowships. Her short film Matadoras screened at festivals including Uppsala, the Premiers Plans d’Angers and the New Directors New Films Festival and won several awards. El secuestro de la novia is her graduation film and won the Award for the Best International Short Fiction at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.

Filmography (selection)

2018 Nichts los in New York (Nothing Going On In New York); short film 2020 Matadoras; short film 2023 El secuestro de la novia (The Kidnapping of the Bride); medium-length film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023