Xiaohui he ta de niu

Xiaohui and His Cows | Xiaohui und seine Kühe
Except for mountain landscapes, magical rocks and a few other kids, the village where Xiaohui lives with his grandfather and two cows has nothing to offer. The nine-year-old sorely misses his parents who work in the city. When grandpa has to sell a calf, the clever grandson tries everything to prevent the separation of mother and child. A soulful cry for love in times of capitalism.
by Xinying Lao
with Jinhao Wei, Yuanmo Wei, Yamiao Tang
People’s Republic of China 2023 Mandarin, Vahcuengh 15’ Colour World premiere recommendation: 9 years and up


  • Jinhao Wei (Xiaohui)
  • Yuanmo Wei (Grandpa)
  • Yamiao Tang (Mother)


Director Xinying Lao
Screenplay Xinying Lao
Cinematography Hark Xu
Editing Youmin Kang, Xinying Lao
Music Evan Roth
Sound Design Bobo Lau
Sound Qi Liu
Production Design Qianyu Jin
Assistant Director Li Qiu
Production Manager Ziyu Zhou
Producers Haozheng Li, Xianglian Wei
Executive Producers Ruiqiang Dai, Jiajie Lu, Yu Wang
Co-Producers Xin Wang, Zhigang Lao

Produced by

Xinying Lao

Xinying Lao

Born in Guangxi, China in 1997, the director, writer and editor first studied journalism and is currently completing a film degree at New York University. Xiaohui he ta de niu is her third short fiction film.

Filmography (short films)

2019 Dance Class 2020 A&E · Buddy; documentary 2023 Xiaohui he ta de niu (Xiaohui and His Cows)

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