“Knowing things doesn’t mean you lived them.”

Feeling unprepared for her upcoming role as a 15-year-old pregnant girl from the outskirts of Santo Domingo, an actor from a more affluent background, Camila, decides to sit down with pregnant young girls for inspiration. Yet in the process, as the sorority of 15 teens candidly recount their realities on-camera, little by little they unexpectedly influence the film’s production, taking it into unchartered territory. Initially presenting itself as a behind-the-scenes making-of, Ramona quickly becomes a hazy postmodernist mix of telenovela pastiche, observational documentary, filmed rehearsals, cinéma vérité and theatre that constantly plays with the boundaries between fiction and nonfiction, reality and artifice.
by Victoria Linares Villegas
with Camila Santana, Estrellita Ynoa, Yarisel Ynoa, Maite Ynoa, Rocío Pineda, Martina Gómez, Ashley Lara, Donaida Favian, Dariana Marte, Yikaurys Modesta, Yanibel Alcántara, Francia Reyes, Nicol Polanco, Yereini Santana, Sherlyn Mota, Lesly Aybar, Anderson Mojica
Dominican Republic 2023 Spanish 82’ Colour World premiere | Documentary Form recommendation: 14 years and up


  • Camila Santana
  • Estrellita Ynoa
  • Yarisel Ynoa
  • Maite Ynoa
  • Rocío Pineda
  • Martina Gómez
  • Ashley Lara
  • Donaida Favian
  • Dariana Marte
  • Yikaurys Modesta
  • Yanibel Alcántara
  • Francia Reyes
  • Nicol Polanco
  • Yereini Santana
  • Sherlyn Mota
  • Lesly Aybar
  • Anderson Mojica


Director Victoria Linares Villegas
Screenplay Victoria Linares Villegas, Diego Cepeda
Cinematography Jaime Guerra
Editing Melisa Miranda Ulloa
Music Oscar Chabebe
Sound Homer Mora
Production Design Shaina Cohen
Costumes Carolin Williams
Make-Up Nancy Rodríguez
Casting Gerald Vásquez
Assistant Director Jeissy Trompiz
Production Manager Carlos Germán
Producers Jordi Gassó, Rafael Llaneza, Pedro García
Executive Producer Rafael Elías Muñoz

Victoria Linares Villegas

The Dominican director made her feature-length film debut with the documentary Lo que se hereda which screened at various film festivals including the True/False Film Fest, BFI Flare and the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, and won her the Youth Jury Award for Best New Director at the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival. The film also won the Best Documentary Film Runner-Up prize at the Outshine Film Festival.


2018 Cállate niña (Stay Quiet); short film 2019 Mi madre me tiene rabia (My Mother Resents Me); short film 2022 Lo que se hereda (It Runs in the Family); documentary 2023 Ramona

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