It is clear from the moment she appears that Ramona is not one for standing still. In her Galician fishing village she has not one but two jobs, both of which require hard work and assertiveness. She earns extra money on a mussel boat, but she also energetically drives a team of women in an industrial cleaning company as their supervisor. The workers may keep each other amused with crude jokes but their rough-and-ready tone cannot conceal the strong sense of collegiality that exists among them. Ramona adopts a similarly determined approach when it comes to her private life – which means towards her 18-year-old daughter who hardly ever comes home anymore, and her boyfriend, who likes to have one too many drinks. When their employer tries to force the women to return to a minimum wage after eight years of service, Ramona decides she has had enough. What begins as a search for a new job soon sets far more in motion in her life.
Director Álvaro Gago’s feature debut is a vibrant portrait of a woman who, after years in the role of a mother, realises it is time to do something for herself. María Vázquez in the leading role captivates us with her rough charm and intoxicatingly impulsive nature.
by Álvaro Gago
with María Vázquez, Santi Prego, Soraya Luaces, E.R. Cunha “Tatán”, Susana Sampedro
Spain 2023 Galician 99’ Colour World premiere | Debut film


  • María Vázquez (Ramona)
  • Santi Prego (Andrés)
  • Soraya Luaces (Estrella)
  • E.R. Cunha “Tatán” (Xosé)
  • Susana Sampedro (Carme)


Director Álvaro Gago
Screenplay Álvaro Gago
Cinematography Lucía C. Pan
Editing Ricardo Saraiva
Music Patricia Cadaveira, Marcel Pascual
Sound Design Diego Staub
Sound Xavier Souto
Production Design Melania Freire
Costumes Uxía Vaello
Make-Up Sonia García
Casting Analía G. Alonso
Assistant Director Miguel Gago
Production Manager Nati Juncal Portas
Producers Daniel Froiz, María Zamora, Stefan Schmitz, Mireia Graell Vivancos
Executive Producers Mireia Graell Vivancos, María Zamora

Álvaro Gago

Born in Vigo, Spain in 1986, he studied audiovisual communication and music in Spain, theatre in Chicago and filmmaking at the London Film School. He also works as an editor and is co-founder of the Galician Film Forum. Matria is his debut feature film. His short film of the same name won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.


2013 Curricán; short film 2018 Matria; short film 2019 16 december; short film 2023 Matria

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