Last Things

Evolution and extinction from the point of view of rocks and various future others: Last Things introduces the geo-biosphere as a place of evolutionary possibility, where humans disappear but life endures.
Catalysed by two novellas by J.-H. Rosny, joint pseudonym of the Belgian brothers Boex who wrote sci-fi before it was a genre, the film takes up their pluralist vision of evolution, where imagining prehistory is inseparable from envisioning the future. Also formative were Roger Caillois’s writing on stones, Clarice Lispector’s “The Hour of the Star,” Robert Hazen’s mineral evolution theory, the symbiosis theory of Lynn Margulis, Donna Haraway’s multi-species scenarios, Hazel Barton’s research on cave microbes, and Marcia Bjørnerud’s thoughts on time literacy.
In one way or another, these thinkers have all sought to displace humankind from the centre of evolutionary processes. Passages from Rosny and interviews with Bjørnerud form the film’s spine. Stones are its anchor. We trust stone as archive, but we may as well write on water. In the end, it’s particles that remain.
by Deborah Stratman
with Valérie Massadian, Marcia Bjørnerud
France / USA / Portugal 2023 English, French 50’ Colour World premiere


  • Valérie Massadian
  • Marcia Bjørnerud


Director Deborah Stratman
Screenplay Deborah Stratman
Cinematography Deborah Stratman
Editing Deborah Stratman
Sound Design Deborah Stratman
Sound Simon Apostolou
Producers Deborah Stratman, Anže Peržin, Gaëlle Boucand

Deborah Stratman

Deborah Stratman, born in 1967 in Washington D.C., USA, is a Chicago-based artist and filmmaker. She has exhibited internationally at major biennials, art institutions, and film festivals. Stratman is the recipient of several awards, fellowships, and grants. She teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


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