“Well then, if you were a cactus, where would you live?”

What happens when aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, a cactus and a sad boy bump into each other at an isolated bus station? In Sofía Auza’s unconventional boy-meets-girl fairytale, Momo, dressed up as the legendary aviator, has just been released from rehab and Hugo and his cactus named Adolfo are on their way to his estranged father’s funeral. Over the course of a night, the three offbeat protagonists embark on a series of adventures with the ultimate mission to find a new home for Adolfo – and eventually to heal some wounds along the way. A life-affirming parable of love, styled with fluorescent layers of dreamy colours and floaty indie-riffs that explores how sadness and happiness, doubt and belief are reverse sides of the same coin.
by Sofía Auza
with Juan Daniel García Treviño, Rocío de la Mañana
USA / Mexico 2023 Spanish 69’ Colour World premiere | Debut film recommendation: 14 years and up


  • Juan Daniel García Treviño (Hugo)
  • Rocío de la Mañana (Momo)


Director Sofía Auza
Screenplay Sofía Auza
Cinematography Leo Calzoni
Editing Jorge Macaya, Agustín Ortiz
Music Andrés Sánchez, Gus Reyes
Sound Design Jomi Enríquez
Sound Israel Gallo
Production Design Jimena Chowell
Costumes María Julia de la Garma
Make-Up Isaac Chavira
Casting Marco Aguilar
Assistant Director Pablo Guerrero
Production Manager Karla Hernández
Producers Camila Jiménez, Silvana Aguirre, Alejandro Durán
Executive Producer Sheila Aguirre

Sofía Auza

Born in Mexico in 1993, the writer and director graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2017. Adolfo is her debut feature film. She is also the creator and writer of the TV series Yellow which is due to be released on a major streaming service in 2023.


2023 Yellow; TV series · Adolfo

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