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Mar 31, 2023
Executive Director Mariëtte Rissenbeek Will Leave the Berlinale After the Next Festival Edition

Mariëtte Rissenbeek

“The Berlinale has been and continues to be a wonderful and enriching experience for me. Working together with an amazing team, we were able to present multiple editions of the festival under pandemic conditions, and this year, finally, again as a ‘proper’ on-site festival despite many challenges.
I will now be settling into the planning of the 2024 Berlinale with passion and energy, and I'm looking forward to another brilliant, interesting and successful festival edition, after which I will bid it farewell. This decision wasn't easy; as I mentioned earlier, I've grown very fond of the team and the festival.
I'm pleased that Carlo wants to continue his role as Artistic Director after 2024. And I'm certain that he and the future Executive Director will continue to lead the festival into the future smoothly,” says Mariëtte Rissenbeek.

See also press release from the Minister of State for Culture and the Media from March 30, 2023 (in German only)