Terminal norte

North Terminal
During the 2020 lockdown, Lucrecia Martel returns to her home in Salta, Argentina’s most conservative region. Here she follows Julieta Laso who, like a muse, introduces her to a group of female artists and defiant people who exchange glances and opinions around a fire. Perfectly attuned to a body of work that constructs stories from an amalgam of people and places and, four years after the beautiful Zama, Terminal norte marks the return to the screen of Argentina’s greatest filmmaker. Once again, there is a sense of being on the periphery of the world in a way that is simultaneously real, symbolic and political. Now working in a documentary format, Martel immerses herself and gets lost in Julieta Laso’s hoarse, seductive voice. And then, in a progression that has now become familiar to us, the “I” of the protagonist opens up to encounter a plethora of voices and bodies which the camera never tires of following. The result is a gripping tribute to a community that, temporary though it may be, serves as a magnificent antidote to the pandemic.
by Lucrecia Martel
with Julieta Laso, Mariana Carrizo, Noelia Sinkunas, Lorena Carpanchay, Daniel ”Bubu” Ríos, Yamila “B Yami” Barrionuevo, Macarena “Maka” Fuentes, Margarita “Mar” Pérez, Fidela “Michu” Carrasco, Miguel Moreyra
Argentina 2021 Spanish 37’ Colour Documentary form


  • Julieta Laso (Singer)
  • Mariana Carrizo (Copla Interpreter)
  • Noelia Sinkunas (Pianist)
  • Lorena Carpanchay (Copla Interpreter)
  • Daniel ”Bubu” Ríos (Guitarist)
  • Yamila “B Yami” Barrionuevo (Trap Singer)
  • Macarena “Maka” Fuentes (“Whisky” Band Member)
  • Margarita “Mar” Pérez (“Whisky” Band Member)
  • Fidela “Michu” Carrasco (Dancer)
  • Miguel Moreyra (Dancer)


Written and Directed by Lucrecia Martel
Cinematography Mauricio Asial
Editing Iair Michel Attías
Sound Design Jésica Suárez
Sound Jésica Suárez
Production Manager Gabriela Uassouf
Producers Santiago Gallelli, Benjamín Domenech, Matás Roveda
Co-Production Contenidos Públicos Sociedad del Estado Argentinien

Lucrecia Martel

Born in Salta, Argentina, her debut feature film La ciénaga (The Swamp) premiered at the 2001 Berlinale. It was followed by La niña santa (The Holy Girl), La mujer sin cabeza (The Headless Woman) and, in 2017, her fourth feature Zama. There have been retrospectives of her work around the world including at MoMA, the Lincoln Center, Cambridge University and the Tate Modern in London. During the pandemic, her immersive installation The Passage was presented at the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam.


2001 La ciénaga (The Swamp) 2004 La niña santa (The Holy Girl) 2008 La mujer sin cabeza (The Headless Woman) 2010 Pescados; short film · Nueva Argirópolis; short film 2011 Muta; part of the series “Miu Miu’s Women Tales” 2015 Leguas; short film 2017 Zama 2021 Terminal norte (North Terminal); short film

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