The Rising

“I’m still here!” shouts 19-year-old Neve Kelly at her mother, but she does not react. Neve is horrified to discover that she herself is dead. Realising that people can’t see her, she looks on as friends and family worry why she has not come home after the party last night and form search parties to comb the forest for her. Neve takes care of her battered body, washes the blood off the back of her head and changes her dirty clothes. She has no memory of last night. What on earth happened to her? Determined to find her killer, she starts investigating her own death. She uncovers deeply buried secrets and is forced to re-examine everything about her life and the people she cared about.
The Rising is an adaptation of the Belgian mystery series Beau Séjour. Director Ed Lilly and creators Pete McTighe and Charlotte Wolf have expanded the original idea and put the teenage victim at the heart of her own narrative. Danish actor Clara Rugaard stars as the main character Neve alongside an ensemble of young actors. The whodunnit structure is enriched with supernatural and horror elements and is a visual delight with motocross stunts and the impressive landscapes of England’s Lake District.
by Pete McTighe, Charlotte Wolf, Ed Lilly, Thora Hilmarsdottir, Paul Walker, Carl Tibbetts
with Clara Rugaard, Matthew McNulty, Emily Taaffe, Nicholas Gleaves, Solly McLeod, Nenda Neururer, Alex Lanipekun, William Ash, Rebecca Root, Ann Ogbomo, Cameron Howitt, Robyn Cara, Oliver Huntingdon
United Kingdom 2022 English 85’ World premiere


  • Clara Rugaard (Neve Kelly)
  • Matthew McNulty (Tom Rees)
  • Emily Taaffe (Maria Kelly)
  • Nicholas Gleaves (William Wyatt)
  • Solly McLeod (Joseph Wyatt)
  • Nenda Neururer (Alex Wyatt)
  • Alex Lanipekun (Daniel Sands)
  • William Ash (Michael Wyatt)
  • Rebecca Root (DC Diana)
  • Ann Ogbomo (Christine Wyatt)
  • Cameron Howitt (Max Sands)
  • Robyn Cara (Katie Sands)
  • Oliver Huntingdon (Nicky)


Creators Pete McTighe, Charlotte Wolf
Directors Ed Lilly, Thora Hilmarsdottir, Paul Walker, Carl Tibbetts
Screenplay Pete McTighe, Charlotte Wolf, Charlene James, Roanne Bardsley, Gemma Hurley, Laura Grace
Producer Julian Stevens
Executive Producer Serena Thompson
Broadcaster Sky

World sales

NBCUniversal Global Distribution

Produced by

Sky Studios