VCR’s Choice

VCR’s Choice combines digital, post-internet video aesthetics with their analog predecessor, the VCR, and playfully investigates (sub)histories of media and technology through the lens of queerness and underground culture. The mind can be a source of entertainment during periods of isolation with a wide variety of TV channels to choose from the past, present, and future. In VCR’s Choice devices from the last century are used to act as gates or levels of the imagination. The machines are unlocked through a series of energy exchanges which triggers emotional-like channel changes. The mind device must guide sexual impulse and practice self-care in order to free itself from old thought processes and enter into new realms.
by Charlton Diaz
with Charlton Diaz
Canada 2016 English 14’ Colour


  • Charlton Diaz (Charmony)


Written and Directed by Charlton Diaz
Cinematography Charlton Diaz
Editing Charlton Diaz
Sound Design Charlton Diaz
Sound Charlton Diaz
Animation Charlton Diaz
Production Design Charlton Diaz
Costumes Charlton Diaz
Make-Up Charlton Diaz
Producer Charlton Diaz

Produced by

Charlton Diaz

Charlton Diaz

Charlton Diaz lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their interest in film and visual art began through making comparisons with dance choreography and film editing. They also acted in home videos and skateboarding videos made by their brothers at a young age. They self-trained through observing music videos and then performing at school and local talent shows. This led to professional work in live performance, music videos, and art film. Diaz’s goal in creating art is to honor and celebrate the inner world and also to find new ways to translate and share imagination and emotion in hopes of allowing others to look inside and see value in their own world.


2020 Charmony’s Dream Network; 4 min. 2021 Am I Home; 21 min. · Farrago – Paradis Artificiel; 4 min. · VCR’s Choice

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2022