Wheels on the Bus

Die Räder
Twelve-year-old Bhyal works as a blacksmith, sharpening the sickles and repairing the villagers’ equipment. However, as a member of the lowest castehe is an untouchable person and subject to the hostilities of his classmates. Only his friend Laba is ready to defy social boundaries. Against the breathtaking backdrop of a Nepalese mountain village, the film tells of social inequality and friendship.
by Surya Shahi
with Man Bahadur Tamata, Hari Budha, Kali Tamata, Tek Bahadur Budha, Damaru Bhatta
Nepal 2022 Nepali 16’ Colour empfohlen ab 10 Jahren


  • Man Bahadur Tamata (Bhyal)
  • Hari Budha (Laba)
  • Kali Tamata (Bhyal’s Mother)
  • Tek Bahadur Budha (Laba’s Father)
  • Damaru Bhatta (Teacher)


Director Surya Shahi
Screenplay Rajesh Prasad Khatri, Surya Shahi
Cinematography Robin Sharma Dahal
Editing Nimesh Shrestha, Ashma Pokharel
Music Bipin Acharya
Sound Design Amit Shrestha, Samrat Khanal
Sound Bipin Sthapit
Production Design Ramlal Khadka
Assistant Directors Aditya Basnet, MB Thapa
Production Manager Shiva Rawal
Producers Prabin Kumar Rawat, Sushant Shrestha, Rajesh Prasad Khatri, Surya Shahi
Executive Producer Jagadish Hamal

Produced by

Rato Talo Productions

Resonating Pictures

Surya Shahi

The director studied acting and international studies at Elon University in North Carolina, USA. After graduating, he returned to Nepal to build a school and a hostel in his home region of Humla where Wheels on the Bus was shot. He is also a part-time acting teacher at Oscar International College in Kathmandu and is currently working on his second short film, The Curtain.


2022 Wheels on the Bus; short film

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