Rooz-e sib

The Apple Day | A wie Apfel
“What’s your dad’s job?” – “He sells apples.”

A is for apple, as Mahdi learns on his very first day at school and immediately agrees to bring the class a whole basket full on Apple Day. After all, his older brother Saeed and their father sell many kilos of the bright red fruit in the streets leading through the high-rise buildings of the Tehran outer-suburb. At home, the boys’ mother earns money washing clothes. When the truck gets stolen, the family’s already precarious existence begins to crumble. Meanwhile, Saeed feels responsible to fill the basket of apples promised for his little brother’s class. A complex tapestry of neorealist narrative strands, Mahmood Ghaffari’s film tells the story of a new beginning filled with setbacks and loving solidarity.
by Mahmoud Ghaffari
with Aria Mohammadzadeh, Arian Rastkar, Zhila Shahi, Khodadad Bakhshizadeh, Mahdi Pourmoosa
Iran 2022 Farsi, Azerbaijani 80’ Colour World premiere recommendation: 9 years and up


  • Aria Mohammadzadeh (Mahdi)
  • Arian Rastkar (Saeed)
  • Zhila Shahi (Mahboubeh)
  • Khodadad Bakhshizadeh (Morteza)
  • Mahdi Pourmoosa (Daryoush)


Director Mahmoud Ghaffari
Screenplay Mahmoud Ghaffari, Mahnaz Jarchi
Cinematography Ali Ehsani
Editing Mahmoud Ghafari
Music Ali Mansour
Sound Design Alireza Alavian
Sound Hamed Hosseinzadeh
Production Design Mahmoud Ghaffari
Assistant Director Mahdi Pourmoosa
Production Manager Vahid Hajilouyi
Producer Elaheh Nobakht
Executive Producer Hossein Fathollahi

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Mahmoud Ghaffari

The director was born in Tehran, Iran in 1976 and has so far made 15 films. His debut, It’s a Dream, won the Talent Tape Award at the 2013 Fribourg International Film Festival.

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2012 It’s a Dream 2016 Hair 2017 No. 17 Soheila 2022 Rooz-e sib (The Apple Day)

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