Blaues Rauschen

Blue Noise
His T-shirt caked with mortar, Alex takes a thoughtful drag on his cigarette. The other apprentices are laughing, throwing punches and showing off their fighting moves. They try to draw him into their game, but his thoughts seem elsewhere – not even his girlfriend can get through to him. Alex is searching for answers and he withdraws from the expectations of those around him. He eventually finds himself, at ease among a group of complete strangers.
by Simon Maria Kubiena
with Marvin Nando Nenning, Rainer Sellien, Lou von Gündell, Mathias Herrmann, Dorothea Förster, Alexander Srtschin, Vincenzo Bonelli
Germany / Austria 2022 German 17’ Colour empfohlen ab 14 Jahren


  • Marvin Nando Nenning (Alex)
  • Rainer Sellien (Sven)
  • Lou von Gündell (Nora)
  • Mathias Herrmann (Father)
  • Dorothea Förster (Father’s Girlfriend)
  • Alexander Srtschin (Leif)
  • Vincenzo Bonelli (Colleague)


Director Simon Maria Kubiena
Screenplay Simon Maria Kubiena, Malgorzata Zglinska
Cinematography Dennis Banemann
Editing Jan Wollenschläger
Music Jonathan Lietzow, Moritz Klock
Sound Design Mladen Boskan, Stefan Erschig
Sound Roman Trost
Production Design Melanie Grubitsch
Costumes Lea Zipf, Violeta A. Nagel López
Make-Up Elena Mayer
Casting Judith Quast, Juliane Voigtländer, Jessica Layher
Assistant Director Maxi Stumpp
Production Manager Tina Lenz
Producers Tristan Schneider, Anja Jule Harig

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Festival distribution
Lemonade Films
Vienna, Austria

Simon Maria Kubiena

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1998, he was introduced to filmmaking via acting at the Burgtheater in Vienna and in Austrian film productions. He has attended several film and acting workshops including one at the Prague Film School; since 2019, he has been studying directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. He has been awarded a scholarship by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung and has attended La Fémis film school in Paris for an exchange semester.

Filmography (short films)

2019 Boy · Boy · Mama · Mama 2021 Rain Outside Our Window · Rain Outside Our Window 2022 Blaues Rauschen (Blue Noise) · Blaues Rauschen (Blue Noise) 2023 Mise à nu (Catching Birds); co-director: Lea Marie Lembke

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