Mis dos voces

My Two Voices
Two women from Colombia and one woman from Mexico today live in Canada. They tell filmmaker Lina Rodriguez, herself from Colombia and based in Toronto, why they emigrated and what they experienced, how they learned English, what they found easy and what they still find difficult today. Their nuanced, open accounts structure Rodriguez’s film Mis dos voces in voice-over. The fact that we hardly see their faces and bodies gives what they say even greater presence; it is only in the last scenes that Ana Garay Kostic, Claudia Montoya and Marinela Piedrahita finally appear on screen.
Before this, the Super 16mm images concentrate on details, everyday surroundings and isolated body parts: on hands doing a little girl’s hair, washing up a cup or planting seedlings, on feet and calves at the end of a bed that convey moments of family intimacy, on souvenirs from Colombia or a drawer whose reflective surface has cracked. There are many films about the experience of migration. What makes Mis dos voces so special and precious are Rodriguez’s empathy and her delicacy of approach.
by Lina Rodriguez
with Ana (Garay) Kostic, Marinela Piedrahita, Claudia Montoya
Canada 2022 Spanish, English 68’ Colour World premiere | Documentary form


  • Ana (Garay) Kostic
  • Marinela Piedrahita
  • Claudia Montoya


Written and Directed by Lina Rodriguez
Cinematography Alejandro Coronado
Editing Lina Rodriguez, Brad Deane
Sound Design Roberta Ainstein
Sound Sofia Bohdanowicz
Production Design Lina Rodriguez
Producers Brad Deane, Lina Rodriguez

Produced by

Rayon Verde

Lina Rodriguez

Born in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied film and works as a writer, director and producer. Mis dos voces is her third feature-length film.


2007 Convergences et rencontres; 6 min. 2009 Pont du Carrousel; 6 min. 2010 Einschnitte; 4 min. 2011 Protocol; 1 min. 2013 Señoritas; 87 min. 2016 Mañana a esta hora (This Time Tomorrow); 85 min. 2018 ante mis ojos (before my eyes); 7 min. 2019 Aquí y allá (Here and There); 22 min. 2022 Mis dos voces (My Two Voices); 68 min.

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