Ich habe keine Angst!

I’m Not Afraid!
“I'm a tiger!” Vanja creeps through the jungle with a hiss. Attack! The living room lamp tumbles to the floor, the room is enveloped in menacing darkness. But it will take more than that to turn the little tiger into a chicken: before things inside the flat can get boring, Vanja is back on the prowl. Outside in the courtyard at dusk, fantasy blends with reality, as shadows morph into terrifying monsters. Fortunately, Vanja is a tiger!
by Marita Mayer
with Frede Mayer-Gulliksen, Katharina Welzl, Justus Raphael Velte, Jens Jonathan Gulliksen
Germany / Norway 2022 German 7’ Colour empfohlen ab 6 Jahren


  • Frede Mayer-Gulliksen (Vanja)
  • Katharina Welzl (Thea)
  • Justus Raphael Velte (Tarek)
  • Jens Jonathan Gulliksen (Dad)


Written and Directed by Marita Mayer
Animation Carlo Palazzari, Alba Dragonetti, Friedrich Schäper, Florian Maubach, Hero Hendel, Lena Fraundienst, Sinéad Nolan, Yann Le Bot
Music Marius Kirsten
Sound Design Simon Bastian
Sound Mattis Sørum
Production Design Friedrich Schäper
Assistant Director Alba Dragonetti
Production Manager Fabian Driehorst
Producer Fabian Driehorst
Co-Producers Lillian Løvseth, Anita Killi
Co-Production Trollfilm Berlin

Marita Mayer

Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1976, the director and writer studied cultural management and education at the University of Hildesheim and then specialised in drawn animation at the Animation School Hamburg. Since then, she has worked for various 2D and stop-motion productions. She is currently based in Norway where she was seminar manager for five editions of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival. She is co-founder of the new animation and theatre studio Rainy Day Productions.

Filmography (short films)

2009 Be Nice 2022 Ich habe keine Angst! (I'm Not Afraid!)

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