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It's essential to generate life, dialogue, understanding, and to celebrate humanity. In times of widespread pandemic, raising questions about the preservation of democracy, the integrity of public health, and our own notions of individuality, we are dragged into a process of change. Mudança is an encounter between the artist Welket Bungué and the Portuguese parliamentary politician Joacine Katar Moreira. Here they question the essence of their crafts, making an unexpected paradigm of imminent revolution resound.
The film uses two prose-poetry texts written by the director's father, Paulo T. Bungué, projections of original paintings conceived by the artist Nú Barreto, and a musical landscape composed by Mû Mbana, both artists originally from Guinea-Bissau. Mudança has as its visual proposal the plasticity of the poems 'Mudança' and 'COBDE,' and the digital image projections over the performers’ bodies. The music and the textual content appeal to the dreamlike territory of imagery sensations, brought about by references to the people of the Bijagó archipelago in Guinea-Bissau.
by Welket Bungué
with Joacine Katar Moreira, Alesa Herero, Welket Bungué, Lulu Santy, Katia Vicente, Lafayette
Germany / Portugal 2020 Portuguese 27’ Colour

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


  • Joacine Katar Moreira
  • Alesa Herero
  • Welket Bungué
  • Lulu Santy
  • Katia Vicente
  • Lafayette


Written and Directed by Welket Bungué
Cinematography Vanessa Fernandes
Editing Leonardo Mouramateus
Music Mû Mbana
Sound Design Daniel Santos
Sound Miguel Coelho
Production Design Welket Bungué
Costumes Roselyn Silva
Make-Up Lafayette
Casting Welket Bungué
Assistant Director Duarte Pedroso de Lima
Production Manager Kussa Productions
Producer Welket Bungué
Executive Producer Welket Bungué
Co-Producer Teatro do Bairro Alto

Produced by

Kussa Production

Welket Bungué

Welket Bungué is originally from the Balanta tribe and was born in Xitole (Guinea-Bissau) in 1988. He is a Portuguese-Guinean actor and film director based in Berlin. He holds a degree in theater from the Actors branch (ESTC / Lisbon) and a postgraduate degree in Performance (UniRio / Brazil). He is a permanent Member of the Portuguese Academy of Cinema since 2015, and a member of the Deutsche Filmakademie since 2020. He has realised on numerous film projects as a director and actor. His films are shown and awarded at filmfestivals internationally. In 2020 Bungué starred as Franz Biberkopf in Berlin Alexanderplatz (Berlinale 2020), directed by Burhan Qurbani. He currently lives in Berlin.

Filmography (selection)

2006 Bastien; 20 min. 2019 Arriaga; 25 min. · I Am Not Pilatus; 11 min. · Jah Intervention; 15 min. 2020 Metalheart; 7 min. · Bustagate; 13 min. · Mudança

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