More Happiness

During a conversation late at night, a woman asks her mother how to be a good person. As they talk, the woman thinks about an old lover. Seasons change and memories accumulate that bring no respite.
by Livia Huang
with Tina Wonglu, Joyce Keokham, Rui Ying Lu
USA 2021 Chinese 13’ Colour

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


  • Tina Wonglu (Doreen)
  • Joyce Keokham (Wendy)
  • Rui Ying Lu (Mother)


Written and Directed by Livia Huang
Cinematography Jack Davis
Editing Andrew Aaronson
Music Yuying Fu
Sound Design Noah Chevan
Producer Elise Shin

Produced by

Elise Shin

Livia Huang

The Chinese-American filmmaker was born in Baltimore, USA in 1990. She studied at Columbia University and at Brooklyn College in New York. She was awarded the Flies Collective Film Grant to make Who Can Predict What Will Move You which screened in Generation in 2020. Her work has been screened at international festivals including Rotterdam, the BFI Flare – London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival and Outfest in Los Angeles.

Filmography (short films)

2016 Dad’s Side Mom’s Side 2019 I-57 · Who Can Predict What Will Move You 2021 More Happiness

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