Han Nan Xia Ri

Summer Blur | Sommerflirren
“Mum really misses you. I bought you lots of presents. When you’re next here, I’ll take you to Disneyland...”

Like a seismograph, 13-year-old Guo moves through Han Shuai‘s feature debut: locked in a series of close-ups, more of an observer than a participant, quietly registering all of the tremors causing the fabric of her working-class social environment to crumble. Guo becomes witness to her friend accidentally drowning in the river, which results in her inability to deal with her feelings of grief, guilt and longing. The summer heat is as oppressive as the overbearing advances of one of her classmates, the shrill chirping of cicadas permeating the desolation of her loveless home on the outskirts of Wuhan – far away from a mother whose presence in her life is limited only to voice messages. A tender portrait of a young girl defying the confines of her circumstances and coming of age in the process.
by Han Shuai
with Gong Beibi, Huang Tian, Zhang Xinyuan, Yan Xingyue, Luo Feiyang, Wang Yizhu, Xie Lixun, Chen Yongzhong
People’s Republic of China 2020 Chinese 88’ Colour recommendation: 12 years and up

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


  • Gong Beibi (Aunt, Guo’s Mother)
  • Huang Tian (Guo)
  • Zhang Xinyuan (Zhao)
  • Yan Xingyue (Cousin)
  • Luo Feiyang (Xiaoman)
  • Wang Yizhu (Xiaoman’s Mother)
  • Xie Lixun (Uncle)
  • Chen Yongzhong (Zhao’s Father)


Written and Directed by Han Shuai
Cinematography Peter Pan
Editing Tom Lin, Dong Jie
Music Hank Lee
Sound Zhu Yunhao
Production Design Xu Yao
Costumes Iris Wu
Production Manager Liu Ziyi
Producers Huang Xufeng, Liang Ying
Executive Producers Huang Xufeng, Zhang Qun, Zhou Jiansen
Co-Producers Bai Yali, Song Jia
Co-Production Dadi Film Beijing
iQIYI Pictures Beijing
Wuhan Tiangong Kaiwu Entertainment Wuhan

Han Shuai

The screenwriter and director graduated with a PhD from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. Her short films have won a number of awards, including at the Hangzhou Asian Film Festival and the Beijing Student Film Festival. Han Nan Xia Ri is her feature film debut.

Filmography (selection)

2013 The Time to Live and the Time to Die; short film 2020 Han Nan Xia Ri (Summer Blur) 2014 The Son; short film 2023 Green Night 2015 Last Shot; short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023