Rengeteg – mindenhol látlak

Forest – I See You Everywhere
Seven hypnotic and erratic fugue-like miniatures. Seemingly harmless at the beginning, they become increasingly intense until they culminate in a psychological kaleidoscope. Grandfather is silent – is he still alive? A man talks to a wardrobe – why? Absent people creep ghost-like into the lives and conversations of couples and families. They are the lost, the repressed and the missing. Young men shock their mothers – one with love, the other with contempt (as well as a sober presentation of the theory that God is a kind of Gandalf). Finally, there is a charlatan who drives naïve sick people to their deaths. It is hard to say who is the victim here and who is to blame. If people are spheres, can they ever meet?
Bence Fliegauf skilfully continues his anthropological exploration in the micro-realist style of his 2003 feature debut Forest. Amateurs worked with professionals on this next-to-no-budget film for which there was many an inspiration – from John Cassavetes to Raymond Carver and Péter Nádas. Feverish dialogue, through which the wind of anarchy blows, dominates the scene. Fliegauf’s is a style that aggravates and magnetises, that prescribes claustrophobic closeness yet embraces all that is open.
by Bence Fliegauf
with Juli Jakab, Lázló Cziffer, Lilla Kizlinger, Zsolt Végh, István Lénárt, Eszter Balla, Natasa Kovalik, Ági Gubik, Mihály Vig, Felicián Keresztes, Eliza Sodró, Terence Gábor Gelencsér, János Fliegauf, Péter Fancsikai, Zoltán Pintér, Laura Podlovics
Hungary 2020 Hungarian 112’ Colour

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


  • Juli Jakab
  • Lázló Cziffer
  • Lilla Kizlinger
  • Zsolt Végh
  • István Lénárt
  • Eszter Balla
  • Natasa Kovalik
  • Ági Gubik
  • Mihály Vig
  • Felicián Keresztes
  • Eliza Sodró
  • Terence Gábor Gelencsér
  • János Fliegauf
  • Péter Fancsikai
  • Zoltán Pintér
  • Laura Podlovics


Written and Directed by Bence Fliegauf
Cinematography Mátyás Gyuricza, Ákos Nyoszoli
Editing Terence Gábor Gelencsér
Music Tamás Beke, Bence Fliegauf
Sound Design Tamás Beke
Sound Richárd Endrédi
Production Design Bence Fliegauf
Make-Up Natasa Kovalik, Orsolya Petrilla, Orsolya Dunai, Rita Hotváth
Assistant Director Sári Péli, Zsófia Vraskó
Casting Bence Fliegauf
Production Manager Barbara Bernáth
Producers Ernő Mesterházy, Bence Fliegauf, Mónika Mécs
Executive Producers Rita Gergely
Co-Producer Ági Pataki, Gábor Kovács

Produced by

Fraktál Film

M&M Film

Bence Fliegauf

Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1974, the writer, director, production designer and sound designer initially trained as a stage designer. In 2003, his debut feature film Forest screened in the Forum where it won the Wolfgang Staudte Award. His second film, Dealer, also screened in the Forum and won the Audience Award, while Milky Way won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival. In 2012, Just the Wind was selected for the Berlinale Competition and won awards including the Jury Grand Prix. Most recently, Lily Lane premiered at the festival.


2000 Beszélö fejek (Talking Heads); short film 2001 Hypnos; short film 2002 Van élet a halál elött? (Is There Life Before Death?); documentary 2003 Rengeteg (Forest) 2004 Dealer · The Line; short film 2005 Trance; short film 2007 Milky Way 2008 Csillogás (Sparkling); documentary 2010 Méh (Womb) 2011 Csak a szél (Just the Wind) 2016 Liliom Ösvény (Lily Lane) 2020 Rengeteg – mindenhol látlak (Forest – I See You Everywhere)

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