Angela – Portrait of A Revolutionary

Angela: Angela Davis, that is. At the start of filming in 1969 she was an unknown philosophy professor at UCLA, but by the time the committed communist was imprisoned shortly thereafter, she was already an icon. The film shows Davis both in public and private: at seminars, at demonstrations for political prisoners and the Black Panthers and at her desk at home. Free my brother, my sister, my people!
by Yolande du Luart USA / France 1971 English 60’ Black/White Documentary form


Written and Directed by Yolande du Luart
Cinematography Roger Andrieux, Yolande du Luart, Charles Barnett, Lynn Merrick, Betty Chen, Larry Roman, Brogan Depoar, Earl Samson, Vince Dyer, Joe Shearer
Editing Maryse Siclier, Jacqueline Meppiel
Sound Nancy Dowd

Yolande du Luart

Born in 1932. While studying Film at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), she and fellow students made the documentary Angela – Portrait of A Revolutionary. After the FBI became aware of the group's film work, du Luart returned to France to finish the film. In the following years, Luart worked as a translator.

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