Extractions parallels resource extraction with the booming child apprehension industry. As the filmmaker reviews how these industries have affected her, she reflects on having her own eggs retrieved and frozen to make an Indigenous baby.
by Thirza Cuthand
with Thirza Cuthand,
Canada 2016 English 16’ Colour & Black/White Documentary form


  • Thirza Cuthand


Written and Directed by Thirza Cuthand
Cinematography Thirza Cuthand
Editing Thirza Cuthand
Sound Design Thirza Cuthand
Sound Thirza Cuthand
Casting Thirza Cuthand
Executive Producer Thirza Cuthand

Produced by

Fit of Pique Productions

Thirza Cuthand

Thirza Cuthand has been making short experimental narrative videos and films about sexuality, madness, queer identity and love, and Indigeneity since 1995, which have screened in festivals and galleries internationally. She completed her BFA majoring in Film and Video at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2005, and her MA in Media Production at Ryerson University in 2015. She has also written three feature screenplays and has performed. She is of Plains Cree and Scots descent, a member of Little Pine First Nation, and currently resides in Toronto. Her work NDN Survivla Trilogy was shown at Forum Expanded 2020.


1995 Lessons in Baby Dyke Theory; 3 min. 1996 My Sister; with Danielle Ratzlaff, 5 min. · Colonization: The Second Coming; 3 min. 1997 Working Baby Dyke Theory; 5 min. · Bisexual Wannabe; 3 min. · Earth Flesh; 1 min. 1998 Untouchable; 4 min. 1999 Manipulation/Dictation; 4 min. · Thirza Cuthand’s Through the Looking Glass; 14 min. · Helpless Maiden Makes an “I” Statement; 6 min. 2001 Anhedonia; 9 min. 2004 Love & Numbers; 8 min. 2008 Madness in Four Actions; 9 min. · You Are A Lesbian Vampire; 3 min. 2010 Homelands; 53 min. 2012 Sight; 3 min. · Boi Oh Boi; 9 min. 2013 Just Dandy; 7 min. 2015 2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99; 4 min. 2017 The Longform Lesbian Census; with Riki Yandt, 4 min. · 2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com ; 4 min. · Thirza Cuthand Is an Indian Within the Meaning of the Indian Act; 8 min. 2018 Reclamation; 13 min. 2019 Devout and Out: Susan; 20 min. · Extractions; 15 min. · WomanDress; 5 min. · Less Lethal Fetishes; 9 min. 2020 NDN Survival Trilogy; 37 min., Forum Expanded 2020 2021 Medicine and Magic

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