Entre perro y lobo

Three men in uniform, somewhere in the Cuban jungle, are simulating a mission in Angola. From the mid-1970s to the late 1980s, Cuban troops supported the MPLA, the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola. The three veterans practice battle manoeuvres with the machete, or smear themselves with mud as camouflage, and then head deeper and deeper into the dense fauna – with the viewer never knowing exactly where they are headed or why. They have orders, we hear, they have to continue the struggle, to be revolutionaries forever, we hear many times. One of the men begins to doubt the sense of the whole thing, another’s leg slowly rots away, traumatic memories are shared. Entre perro y lobo tells the story of a prolonged revolutionary struggle that isn’t one, of men who just keep on going and only very gradually reach a point where they start asking questions. The rain, fog and dew, the leaves, grasses and branches surround and engulf the three. All of their revolutionary morale-boosting slogans die away in the indifference of nature, which is uninterested in questions of meaning.
by Irene Gutiérrez
with Miguel Soto, Alberto Santana, Juan Bautista López
Cuba / Spain 2020 Spanish 75’ Colour


  • Miguel Soto
  • Alberto Santana
  • Juan Bautista López


Director Irene Gutiérrez
Written by Irene Gutiérrez, Lisanda López Fabé
Cinematography José Alayón
Editing Cristóbal Fernández
Music Cristóbal Fernández, Rafael de Jesús Ramírez, Oscar Moreno
Sound Design Carlos E. García
Sound Alfonso Fontela
Costumes Helena Girón
Assistant Director Alejandro Alonso
Production Managers Viana González, Marina Alberti
Producers Viana González, José Alayón, Marina Alberti
Co-Producers Carlos E. García, María Alejandra Mosquera
Co-Production Blond Indian Films Bogotá, Kolumbien

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Produced by

Autonauta Films

El Viaje Films

Irene Gutiérrez

Born in Ceuta, Spain. She completed a bachelor's degree in Documentary Cinema at the International Film School of San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba, and a master's degree in Art & Cinema Studies. In 2014 and 2017 Gutiérrez participated at Berlinale Talents. Entre perro y lobo is her second feature-length film.


2012 Diarios de frontera (Border Diaries); 25 min. 2014 Hotel nueva isla; 71 min. 2019 Diarios del exilio (Exile Diaries); 43 min.

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