The Flame

A wind whistles through the arid expanse of a grassy landscape, strong enough to extinguish a spark or cause it to grow into an inferno. In calmly insistent tones, two Aboriginal youths speak about their ancestors, family solidarity and the traumas experienced in their everyday lives. Just as After the Smoke, Nick Waterman’s second short film to be featured at Generation is a further poetic exploration of Australian identities.
by Nick Waterman
with Lance Whitton Jr., Tyrese Fernando, Dayannah Baker Barlow
Australia 2020 English 12’ Colour Documentary form


  • Lance Whitton Jr.
  • Tyrese Fernando
  • Dayannah Baker Barlow


Director Nick Waterman
Screenplay Dayannah Baker Barlow, Lance Whitton Jr., Tyrese Fernando, Connie Taylor, Paul Spearim, Raphaela Rosella, Megan Washington, Nick Waterman
Cinematography Adric Watson
Editing Nick Waterman
Music Megan Washington
Sound Design Sasha Zastavnikovic
Sound Josh Wilkinson
Production Manager Emily Avila
Producers Nick Waterman, Raphaela Rosella
Executive Producer Kim McConville

Produced by

Nick Waterman

Nick Waterman

An Australian director and editor, he studied film at the University of Technology in Sydney. His debut short film, From Here, premiered at the Palm Springs International ShortFest while Vote Yes opened the programme at the 2014 Flickerfest International Film Festival; After the Smoke screened in the 2017 Berlinale Generation. Working in genres ranging from drama to music videos, his films explore different aspects of Australian identity through poetic storytelling and strong graphic imagery. He is currently writing his debut feature film.

Filmography (short films)

2012 From Here · From Here 2014 Vote Yes · Vote Yes 2017 After the Smoke · After the Smoke 2020 The Flame

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