Kunst kommt aus dem Schnabel wie er gewachsen ist

Art Comes from the Beak the Way It Has Grown
At the Mosaik art studio in Berlin, artists with disabilities are absorbed in their work. Sabine Herpich observes the artists in the course of creation and directs her gaze at the institution itself: its processes, staff and spaces. The film succeeds in maintaining its focus on the art itself rather than the handicaps of its creators. It is around these works that the institution takes form, thus coming into view first and foremost as an institution for art, not one for people with disabilities. The idea of art becomes holistic, encompassing the people who make it as well as the places where it is created; it means looking at the works, and talking about them, but also art as work, complete with working hours and wage. The filmmaker herself is not invisible. She asks the artists about their thoughts, ideas, methods. As the artists before the camera meet the gaze of the filmmaker, a heightened sense of attention and sensitivity is produced – for the moods of the works, their creators and observers, as well as for this film about art itself, with its gentle, yet not timid, precise yet non-restrictive form.
by Sabine Herpich
with Adolf Beutler, Suzy van Zehlendorf, Gabriele Beer, Till Kalischer, Nina Pfannenstiel, Laura Nieße
Germany 2020 German 106’ Colour Documentary form


  • Adolf Beutler
  • Suzy van Zehlendorf
  • Gabriele Beer
  • Till Kalischer
  • Nina Pfannenstiel
  • Laura Nieße


Director Sabine Herpich
Cinematography Sabine Herpich
Editing Sabine Herpich
Sound Design Marilyn Janssen
Sound Sabine Herpich
Producers Sabine Herpich, Tobias Büchner

Produced by

Sabine Herpich

Additional information

German Distributor:
Peripher Filmverleih
Segitzdamm 2
10969 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 6142464
Contact: Martin Krelker

Sabine Herpich

Born in 1973. She studied Philosophy, Modern German Literature and Sociology, as well as Editing at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. Herpich has been a member of the collective fsk Kino and the distribution company Peripher Filmverleih in Berlin, where she lives and works as a freelance filmmaker and editor.


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