Young Pat has fallen in love with her older sister Grace’s boyfriend, the staid businessman Tony. When Grace takes up with playboy Billy Caldwell at the yacht club, causing a rift between her and Tony, Pat sees her chance. Acting on Tony’s advice to “get a personality”, she studies and spouts off familiar quotations and witticisms – which only leads to her family thinking she’s gone mad. It is not until she manages to arouse Tony’s jealousy that he discovers his real feelings for Pat … This fast-paced comedy provides a wonderful vehicle for Marion Davies’ effusive comedic talent. As a young flapper, she distinguishes herself with her funny antics and Chaplinesque extemporising. She demonstrates her range with impersonations of Hollywood divas Mae Murray, Lillian Gish, and Pola Negri, skilfully parodying their outmoded tragic style. The film was financed by Marion Davies’ patron, newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, and was the first of three King Vidor would make with her. Today, her appearance in The Patsy is counted alongside that in Show People as one of her best screen performances.
by King Vidor
with Marion Davies, Marie Dressler, Lawrence Gray, Orville Caldwell, Dell Henderson, Jane Winton
USA 1928 English intertitles 84’ Black/White


  • Marion Davies
  • Marie Dressler
  • Lawrence Gray
  • Orville Caldwell
  • Dell Henderson
  • Jane Winton


Director King Vidor
Screenplay Agnes Christine Johnston
Story Barry Connors The Patsy (1925)
Cinematography John F. Seitz
Editing Hugh Wynn
Art Director Cedric Gibbons
Costumes Gilbert Clark

Produced by

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp. (Loew’s, Inc.) (A King Vidor Production. A Marion Davies Production)

Additional information

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King Vidor

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