2019 | on scene

Young Photographers at the Berlinale

on scene 2019

In 2019, the Berlinale presented the "on scene" photography project in cooperation with the Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk, "academy of popular arts") in Berlin. From February 8 to 15, 23 students from the hdpk had the opportunity to prove themselves amidst the festival action and demonstrate their talent.

The students participating in the project were Shadha Alarami, Stanley Baumann, Arthur Blum, Chantal Burau, Josua Hesse, Aline Hille, Laura Klein, Debbie Linne, Jonas Loock, Blanka Mikluš, Noreen Modler, Clara Moeseritz, Philomena Müller, Mücahit Okumuş, Daphne Quast, Jo Ramisch, Max Schiller, Alina Schönfuß, Joachim Schulteh, Philipp Schultze, Hannah Unteregelsbacher, Weiya Yeung and Maria Znamerovskaja.