Uutisten aika

Newstime | Nachrichtenzeit
Uutisten aika is a found footage film, which discusses cultural differences, being an outsider, the Namibian independence struggle, and Finland’s long-term ties with the southern African country.
The work consists entirely of archival material from the late 1960s to the early 1990s. YLE (The Finnish Broadcasting Corporation) programs showing everyday life are set against a voice-over by Ellen Ndeshi Namhila reading from her autobiography “The Price of Freedom”. Namhila spent seven years in Tampere as a refugee on a scholarship, studying library science. She recounts her experiences, ranging from single parenthood to observations on missionaries in Namibia and the church in Finland. Everyday scenes manifest how Namhila possibly saw the fairly homogeneous Finnish society she lived in.
News clips on the Namibian independence struggle frame the narrative. They feature SWAPO (The South West Africa People’s Organization) students, visiting politicians, and representatives of the United Nations and NGOs. Since Namibia was under the apartheid regime until 1990, archival material about the history of SWAPO can be found in countries where members of the liberation movement were in exile.
by Laura Horelli
with Nickey Iyambo, Raimo Kankondi, Mikko Ihamäki, Elia Kaakunga, Hina MuAshekele, Leake Hangala, Sam Nujoma, Herman Adimba Toivo ya Toivo, Martti Ahtisaari
Finland / Namibia / Germany 2019 English, Finnish, Swedish 39’ Colour & Black/White Documentary form


  • Nickey Iyambo
  • Raimo Kankondi
  • Mikko Ihamäki
  • Elia Kaakunga
  • Hina MuAshekele
  • Leake Hangala
  • Sam Nujoma
  • Herman Adimba Toivo ya Toivo
  • Martti Ahtisaari


Director Laura Horelli
Editing Janina Herhoffer
Sound Design Jochen Jezussek
Sound Sonja Majewski
Narrator Ellen Ndeshi Namhila
Producer Laura Horelli

Laura Horelli

Laura Horelli, born in 1976 in Helsinki, Finland, lives and works in Berlin. Her works, mainly digital films, explore the intersection of the private and public spheres. She has received grants and scholarships and her work has been shown at numerous international exhibitions and festivals.


1999 Mobile Phone Use / Advertising; video installation, 3 min. 2003 Helsinki Shipyard / Port San Juan; video installation, 17 min. · You Go Where You’re Sent; 19 min. 2004 Wolfen-Nord, Teil 1 und 2; with Kathrin Wildner, video installation, 13 min. 2005 712 Interviews?; video installation, 19 min. · Incomplete Picture – „Discover Japan“; video installation, 18 min. 2007 I Have Been Considering Making a Video about a Ski Resort in Northern Finland and Showing it in a Gallery in Berlin; video installation, 16 min. 2009 Shedding Details; with Gerhard Friedl, 24 min. · Haukka-pala (A-Bit-to-Bite); video installation, 28 min. 2010 Trading Places; with Ann Kaneko, installation, 27 min. 2011 The Terrace; 24 min. 2013 A Letter to Mother; 27 min. 2016 Jokinen; 45 min., Forum Expanded 2017 2018 Namibia Today; video installation, 21 min., Forum Expanded 2018 2019 Uutisten aika (Newstime)

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