Ich war zuhause, aber

I Was at Home, But
After having disappeared for a week, Astrid’s 13-year-old son Phillip returns home one day without saying a word. Both his mother and teachers suspect that his disappearance may be related to the loss of his father. Only gradually does everyday life get back on track. Astrid now finds herself confronted with questions that provide a whole new perspective on her middle-class existence and her career in Berlin’s cultural sector. Her ideas about art also begin to change. At home, it becomes more and more difficult for this single mother to accept that her son is leading his own life. And then Phillip is admitted to hospital with blood poisoning. Astrid is a nervous wreck, wiped out by worry, guilt and her feelings of failure. But Phillip and his little sister do not turn away from her. The family may be disintegrating, but only to form itself anew.
The camera in this film remains at a discrete distance, providing mother and children with the space and time they need to rediscover and reappraise their feelings. These scenes are framed by others depicting school rehearsals of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, the purchase of a broken bicycle and other loose storylines that all echo each other.
by Angela Schanelec
with Maren Eggert, Jakob Lassalle, Clara Möller, Franz Rogowski, Lilith Stangenberg, Alan Williams, Jirka Zett, Dane Komljen
Germany / Serbia 2019 German 105’ Colour World premiere


  • Maren Eggert (Astrid)
  • Jakob Lassalle (Phillip)
  • Clara Möller (Flo)
  • Franz Rogowski (Lars)
  • Lilith Stangenberg (Claudia)
  • Alan Williams (Mr. Meissner)
  • Jirka Zett (Astrid's Boyfriend)
  • Dane Komljen (Young Director)


Written and Directed by Angela Schanelec
Cinematography Ivan Marković
Editing Angela Schanelec
Sound Design Rainer Gerlach
Sound Andreas Mücke-Niesytka
Production Design Reinhild Blaschke
Costumes Birgitt Kilian
Make-Up Monika Münnich
Assistant Director Stefan Nickel
Casting Ulrike Müller
Producer Angela Schanelec
Executive Producer Jana Cisar
Co-Producer Vladimir Vidic
Co-Production Dart film & video doo Belgrad

Produced by

Nachmittagfilm Angela Schanelec

Angela Schanelec

Born in the south of Germany in 1962, she studied acting in Frankfurt am Main followed by engagements at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg and the Schaubühne in Berlin. From 1990 to 1995 she studied directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. She is professor of narrative film at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Nachmittag (Afternoon) screened in the 2007 Berlinale Forum; her films have also screened at Cannes and Locarno.


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