Kok-du yi-ya-ki

Kokdu: A Story of Guardian Angels | Kokdu – Eine Geschichte von Schutzengeln
‘I am an entertainer Kokdu. I’ll cry and laugh with you, comfort you through the journey.’

Blissfully innocent, siblings Su-min and Dong-min trade their grandmother’s flowery shoes for a cute little puppy they discover at the market. Alas, when the mortally ill old woman is admitted to the hospital and pines for her lost footwear, the two children feel guilty. Melding dream and reality, cinematic narrative and impressively staged theatre piece, the film devotes itself to Korean myths and traditions which address the process of mourning and the journey to the afterlife. A rich spectacle bursting with music and dance, the film paves the way for young people to perceive the ultimate issues of life and death.
by Kim Tae Yong
with Kim Su-an, Choi Go, Cho Hee-bong, Park Sang-ju, Shim Jae-hyun, Lee Ha-kyoung, Park Mi-hyen, Park Jeong-suk, Baek Seung-tae, Kim Min-gi
Republic of Korea 2018 Korean 73’ Colour empfohlen ab 7 Jahren


  • Kim Su-an (Su-min)
  • Choi Go (Dong-min)
  • Cho Hee-bong (Caregiver Kokdu)
  • Park Sang-ju (Guard Kokdu)
  • Shim Jae-hyun (Guide Kokdu)
  • Lee Ha-kyoung (Entertainer Kokdu)
  • Park Mi-hyen (Mother)
  • Park Jeong-suk (Grandmother)
  • Baek Seung-tae (Haetae)
  • Kim Min-gi (Haetae)


Written and Directed by Kim Tae Yong
Screenplay Park Min-il
Cinematography Park Hong-yeol
Editing Park Yoo-kyung
Music Bang Jun-suk
Sound Design Lee Sung-june
Sound Yoon Sang-il, Jung Hyun-soo
Production Design Kim Hee-soo
Costumes Kim Eun-young
Make-Up An Yoon-jung, Yang Hye-jo
Colourist Lee Eun-song
Assistant Director Yoon Se-young
Producers Lim Jae-won, Park Kwan-su
Co-Producer Lee Seung-bok

Produced by

National Gugak Center

Kirin Productions

Kim Tae Yong

Since his 1991 debut feature film, Memento Mori, the South Korean director has been involved in numerous feature and documentary films as well as theatre productions. His film Family Ties won the 2006 Golden Alexander at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. He recently participated in the restoration project Crossroads of Youth (1934) which recreated Korea’s oldest silent film as a variety show with live narration and musical accompaniment. His film Man chu (Late Autumn) screened in the 2011 Berlinale Forum.


1999 Yeogo goedam II (Memento Mori) 2003 Pass Me; short film 2005 On the Road, Two; documentary 2006 If You Were Me 4 - Girl on the Run; short film · Gajokeui tansaeng (Family Ties) 2011 Man chu (Late Autumn) 2012 You Are More Than Beautiful; short film 2014 Picnic; short film 2018 Kokdu: A Story of Guardian Angels

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