Breve historia del planeta verde

Brief Story from the Green Planet
‘We’re all a bit odd’, says Pedro at some point in the presence of Daniela and Tania. They are about to reveal to someone else the content of their suitcase: a purple-coloured, child-sized alien with huge, dark eyes. The three friends, who are presently going through a phase of varying levels of disenchantment in their lives, have spent the last few days following a map left by Tania’s grandmother. She has just passed away; her last wish was that the alien be returned to the spot where it originally appeared on earth. Mildly surprised but relatively unfazed by the discovery that her grandma has spent her final years in the caring company of a cute alien, Tania, a trans* woman, embarks with her friends on a journey through small-town Argentina. As their trip progresses, their emotional void slowly gives way to new-found strength.
Favouring quiet emotions over wordy exchanges, and underdogs over conventional heroes, Santiago Loza assuredly sidesteps conventions of genre and storytelling to unfold this neon-lit tale of unconditional friendship.
by Santiago Loza
with Romina Escobar, Paula Grinszpan, Luis Soda
Argentina / Germany / Brazil / Spain 2019 Spanish 75’ Colour


  • Romina Escobar (Tania)
  • Paula Grinszpan (Daniela)
  • Luis Soda (Pedro)


Written and Directed by Santiago Loza
Cinematography Eduardo Crespo
Editing Loli Moriconi, Iair Attias
Sound Design Tiago Bello
Music Diego Vainer
Sound Nahuel Palenque
Production Design Fernanda Chali
Costumes Victoria Luchino
Assistant Director Lionel Braverman
Producer Constanza Sanz Palacios
Executive Producers Constanza Sanz Palacios, Luana Melgaço
Associate Producers Diego Dubcovsky, Eduardo Crespo
Co-Producers Paulo de Carvalho, Gudula Meinzolt, Luana Melgaço, David Matamoros, Angeles Hernandez
Co-Production Anavilhana Filmes Belo Horizonte
Zentropa International Spain Barcelona
Autentika Films Berlin

Produced by

Constanza Sanz Palacios Films

Santiago Loza

Born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1971, he studied at the Universidad Nacional, the Escuela Nacional de Experimentación y Realización Cinematográfica (ENERC) and the Escuela Municipal de Artes Dramáticas. His debut feature film Extraño won the Tiger Award for Best Picture at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. His experimental, documentary and feature films have screened at Cannes, Locarno and Buenos Aires and have won several awards. In 2013 his film La Paz screened in the Forum, in 2018 he presented Malambo, el hombre bueno in Panorama. Alongside his work as a film director, he is also a screenwriter and playwright.


2002 Extraño (Strange) 2005 Cuatro mujeres descalzas (Four Barefoot Women) 2008 Ártico (Artic) · Rosa patria 2009 La invención de la carne (The Invention Of Flesh) 2010 Los labios (The Lips) 2013 La paz; Forum 2014 Si je suis perdu, c’est pas grave (Si estoy perdido no es grave) · El asombro 2018 Malambo, el hombre bueno (Malambo, the Good Man); Panorama

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