Dian jiao jian

Tiptoe | Auf Zehenspitzen
Standing on tiptoe, the two children peek out the front door. When their mother will return, they do not know. Jiajia bravely takes on her role, walking her younger brother to school, doing the household chores and taking care of food, while their father continually avoids his responsibilities. Centered on the children’s world, the film’s gaze drifts through their tenuous day-to-day existence and the emptiness left by their mother's absence.
by I-Ju Lin
with Tang-Ning Chiang, En-Tzu Hsieh, Nai-Han Hsu
Taiwan 2019 Mandarin 17’ Colour empfohlen ab 10 Jahren


  • Tang-Ning Chiang (Jiajia)
  • En-Tzu Hsieh (Kai)
  • Nai-Han Hsu (Mother)


Written and Directed by I-Ju Lin
Cinematography Yao-Hua Ku
Editing Shao-Chun Chen, I-Ju Lin
Music KT Chang
Sound Design Nien-Yung Huang
Sound Hsuan-Yu Chen
Production Design Chih-Yi Yu
Costumes Zi-Yu Lin
Make-Up Vanessa Hsu
Assistant Director Loveieat Chen
Executive Producer Kuo-Lun Hsu
Producers Startle Chen, Wei-Hua Tu

Produced by

Content Digital Film

I-Ju Lin

Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992, she graduated from the Department of Sociology at National Taiwan University and now works as a freelancer in the film industry. Her works focus on the interrelationship of people, family and society. Dian jiao jian is her debut short fiction film as a director.

Filmography (short films)

2014 Ta men (She and Me); documentary 2019 Dian jiao jian (Tiptoe)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2019