Ung Flukt

The Wayward Girl | Die jungen Sünder
The illegitimate daughter of a single working mother, 17-year-old Gerd has fallen into delinquency. After she spends a brief stint in police custody, Gerd’s boyfriend, a student, disobeys his parents and takes her away to the country to protect her from bad influences. The young couple survive on fresh air and love in a remote cabin in the woods until a drifter turns up who is quite to Gerd’s liking … Unlike American teen films about juvenile delinquents, Edith Carlmar’s tenth feature is sympathetic to the plight of an adolescent who is as vivacious as she is fragile. Adding to the usual ingredients of the youthploitation genre – cola, jeans, and jazz, is the pin-up look of a 20-year-old Liv Ullmann in her first leading role. Not everyone found that a good thing. “Her face is lively and expressive, and she has sex. It is quite superfluous for Edith Carlmar to put so much emphasis on her breasts and thighs. Liv Ullmann is no Brigitte Bardot type. She has far more subtle and significant means at her disposal”, wrote Leif Borthen in the Oslo daily Verdens Gang.
by Edith Carlmar
with Liv Ullmann, Atle Merton, Rolf Søder, Nanna Stenersen, Tore Foss, Randi Brænne
Norway 1959 Norwegian 94’ Black/White World premiere of the digitally restored version in 4K DCP | DCP: National Library of Norway, Oslo Rating R18


  • Liv Ullmann
  • Atle Merton
  • Rolf Søder
  • Nanna Stenersen
  • Tore Foss
  • Randi Brænne


Director Edith Carlmar
Screenplay Otto Carlmar based on the novel “Ettersøkte er 18 år” by Nils Johan Rud
Cinematography Sverre Bergli
Editing Fritze Kjær
Art Director Grethe Hejer
Music Bjarne Amdahl
Sound Arne Holm
Producer Otto Carlmar

World sales

National Library of Norway, Oslo, Mo i Rana

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DCP: National Library of Norway, Oslo