Berlin–Prenzlauer Berg. Begegnungen zwischen dem 1. Mai und dem 1. Juli 1990

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg – Encounters between 1st of May and 1st of July 1990
The documentary’s logline, “encounters between 1st of May and 1st of July 1990”, is bracketed chronologically by International Workers Day and the monetary and economic unification of the two Germanys. We meet a rock band playing on abandoned East German border territory, Antifa demonstrators from both sides of the Berlin Wall, and squatters trying to turn an occupied building into a cultural centre. The Prenzlauer Berg district in the former East Berlin was a particularly intense example of the “short summer of anarchy” on the heels of the fall of the Wall. This merry, teary swan song is a pastiche of dancing seniors, revelling bohemians, transvestites from the West, and Balkan musicians. On a more serious note, we hear from women in positions of responsibility – workers at a state-run textile factory, as well as the owner of a clothing store fear for their financial future, while the lady boss at Konnopke’s snack bar eagerly accepts her first payment in West German marks … Director Petra Tschörtner says, “I wanted to document the special attitude towards life in this neighbourhood. The people of Prenzlauer Berg have always tolerated greater freedom of action than others”.
by Petra Tschörtner Germany 1990 German 78’ Black/White Documentary form Rating R0


Director Petra Tschörtner
Screenplay Petra Tschörtner, Jochen Wisotzki
Cinematography Michael Lösche
Editing Angelika Arnold
Sound Uve Haußig, Ulrich Fengler
Producer Fritz Hartthaler

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Film print: Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv, Berlin